프로그램 다운로드 :  KCCV 2020 Program

Program Outline

Day 1
8/17 Mon.
Day 2
8/18 Tue.
Day 3
8/19 Wed.
10:00~11:00 Oral A - 3 papers
(10:00 ~ 11:00)
Invited Talk 1
장병탁 교수
(10:00 ~ 10:40)
Invited Talk 2
윤국진 교수
(10:00 ~ 10:40)
Oral C - 2 papers
(10:50 ~ 11:30)
Oral F - 2 papers
(10:50 ~ 11:30)
11:00~12:00 Platinum Session
- Lunit -
- Qualcomm -
(11:10 ~ 12:10)
총회 / 시상
(11:30 ~ 12:00)
Platinum Session
- Naver Labs -
- SI Analytics -
(11:30 ~ 12:30)
12:00~13:00 Lunch
(12:10 ~ 13:30)
(12:00 ~ 13:30)
(12:30 ~ 13:30)
Oral B - 4 papers
(13:30 ~ 14:50)
Oral D - 4 papers
(13:30 ~ 14:50)
Oral G - 4 papers
(13:30 ~ 14:50)
15:00~16:00 Poster/Demo/Booths
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Doctoral Colloquium
(16:30 ~ 18:00)
Oral E - 4 papers
(16:30 ~ 17:50)
Oral H - 4 papers
(16:30 ~ 17:50)





Day 1 (August 17, Monday) 


- Time Presenter Title
OA-1 10:00~10:20 Hyunwoo J. Kim [김현우]
(Korea Univ.)
Graph Transformer Networks (NeurlPS 2019)
OA-2 10:20~10:40 Kwang In Kim [김광인]
RGBDog: Predicting Canine Pose from RGBD Sensors
(CVPR 2020)
OA-3 10:40~11:00 Jonghyun Choi [최종현]
Learning to Super Resolve Intensity Images from Events
(CVPR 2020)
Platinum Session (Lunit) (11:10 ~ 11:40)
Platinum Session (Qualcomm) (11:40 ~ 12:10)
Lunch Break (12:10 ~ 13:30)
OB-1 13:30 ~ 13:50 Sung Eui Yoon [윤성의]
Single Image Reflection Removal with Physically-Based
Training Images (CVPR 2020)
OB-2 13:50 ~ 14:10 Jaesik Park [박재식]
High-Dimensional Convolutional Networks for Geometric
Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2020)
OB-3 14:10 ~ 14:30 Gunhee Kim [김건희]
(Seoul National Univ.)
Better to Follow, Follow to Be Better: Towards Precise
Supervision of Feature Super-Resolution for Small Object
Detection (ICCV 2019)
OB-4 14:30 ~ 14:50 Min H. Kim [김민혁]
TextureFusion: High-Quality Texture Acquisition for
Real-Time RGB-D Scanning (CVPR 2020)
Poster/Demo/Booths (15:00 ~ 16:30)
16:30 ~ 18:00 김준식 (KAIST), 김한울 (고려대), 모하매드 모스타파비 (GIST), 방두현 (연세대),
유영재 (서울대), 최준석 (연세대), 최진수 (KAIST)



- Monday Posters

Author (Presenter*) Title
P-1 Dahun Kim*, Sanghyun Woo, In So Kweon (KAIST),
Joon-Young Lee (Adobe Research)
Video Panoptic Segmentation (CVPR 2020)
P-2 Fei Pan*, Inkyu Shin, Francois Rameau, Seokju Lee,
In So Kweon (KAIST)
Unsupervised Intra-domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation
through Self-Supervision (CVPR 2020)
P-3 Seoung Wug Oh*, Sungho Lee, Seon Joo Kim
(Yonsei Univ.), Joon-Young Lee (Adobe Research)
Onion-Peel Networks for Deep Video Completion (ICCV 2019)
P-4 Jaehoon Choi, Taekyung Kim*,
Changick Kim (KAIST)
Self-Ensembling with GAN-based Data Augmentation for Domain Adaptation
in Semantic Segmentation (ICCV 2019)
P-5 Seongwook Yoon*, Sanghoon Sull (Korea Univ.) GAMIN: Generative Adversarial Multiple Imputation Network for Highly Missing Data
(CVPR 2020)
P-6 Kyu-Yul Lee, Jae-Young Sim (UNIST) Warping Residual Based Image Stitching for Large Parallax (CVPR 2020)
P-7 Donghoon Lee*, Hyunsin Park, Trung Pham,
Chang D. Yoo (KAIST)
Learning Augmentation Network via Influence Functions (CVPR 2020)
P-8 Lin Wang*, Kuk-Jin Yoon (KAIST),
Tae-Kyun Kim (ICVL Lab.)
EventSR: From Asynchronous Events to Image Reconstruction, Restoration,
and Super-Resolution via End-to-End Adversarial Learning (CVPR 2020)
P-9 Seijoon Kim*, Seongsik Park, Byunggook Na,
Sungroh Yoon (Seoul National Univ.)
Spiking-YOLO: Spiking Neural Network for Energy-Efficient Object Detection
(AAAI 2020)
P-10 Sungyong Baik*, Seokil Hong, Kyoung Mu Lee
(Seoul National Univ. )
Learning to Forget for Meta-Learning (CVPR 2020)
P-11 Myungsub Choi*, Heewon Kim, Bohyung Han,
Kyoung Mu Lee, Ning Xu (Amazon Go)
Channel Attention Is All You Need for Video Frame Interpolation (AAAI 2020)
P-12 Anh-Duc Nguyen, Seonghwa Choi*, Woojae Kim,
Sanghoon Lee (Yonsei Univ.)
GraphX-Convolution for Point Cloud Deformation in 2D-to-3D Conversion
(ICCV 2019)
P-13 Yoonsik Kim*, Jae Woong Soh, Gu Yong Park,
Nam Ik Cho (Seoul National Univ.)
Transfer Learning From Synthetic to Real-Noise Denoising
With Adaptive Instance Normalization (CVPR 2020)
P-14 Junsoo Lee*, Eungyeup Kim, Dongjun Kim,
Jaegul Choo (KAIST), Yunsung Lee (Korea Univ.),
Jaehyuk Chang (NAVER WEBTOON Corp.)
Reference-Based Sketch Image Colorization Using Augmented-Self Reference
and Dense Semantic Correspondence (CVPR 2020)
P-15 Sungha  Choihttp:// *(LG Electronics),
Joanne T. kim (Korea Univ.), Jaegul Choo (KAIST)
Cars Can’t Fly Up in the Sky: Improving Urban-Scene Segmentation
via Height-Driven Attention Networks (CVPR 2020)
P-16 Byengho Heo, Sangdoo Yun (Naver Corp.),
Jeesoo Kim, Hyojin Park, Nojun Kwak,
Jin Young Choi* (Seoul National Univ.)
A Comprehensive Overhaul of Feature Distillation (ICCV 2019)
P-17 Jiwoong Park*, Kyuewang Lee, Jing Young Choi
(Seoul National Univ.), Minsik Lee (Hanyang Univ.),
Hyung Jin Chang (Birmingham Univ.)
Symmetric Graph Convolutional Autoencoder for Unsupervised
Graph Representation Learning (ICCV 2019)
P-18 Kyung-Rae Kim, Whan Choi*, Chang-Su Kim,
Yeong Jun Koh, Seong-Gyun Jeong (CODE42.ai)
Instance-level future motion estimation in a single image based on ordinal regression
(ICCV 2019)



- Monday Demos

Presenter Title

최원서, 이용오

(KIST 유럽)

 Attention-aware Unet toward the interpretability of single cell segmentation

원창희, 석호창, 임종우

(MultiplEYE/ 한양대학교)

 Omnidirectional Depth and Motion Estimation from a Multi-camera System 

방효진, 주재걸


Exploring Unlabeled Faces for Novel Attribute Discovery





Day 2 (August 18, Tuesday) 


Time Presenter Title
Invited Talk 1 10:00 ~ 10:40 Byoung-Tak Zhang [장병탁]
(Seoul National Univ.)
Human-Level Machine Learning
OC-1 10:50 ~ 11:10 Seon Joo Kim [김선주]
(Yonsei Univ.)
Video Object Segmentation Using Space-Time
Memory Networks (ICCV 2019)
OC-2 11:10 ~ 11:30 Nojun Kwak [곽노준]
(Seoul National Univ.)
Consistency-based Semi-supervised Learning for
Object Detection (NeurIPS 2019)
총회 & 시상 (11:30 ~ 12:00)
Lunch Break (12:00 ~ 13:30)
OD-1 13:30 ~ 13:50 Seunghoon Hong [홍승훈]
(Michigan Univ, KAIST)
Adversarial Defense via Learning to Generate Diverse Attacks
(ICCV 2019)
OD-2 13:50 ~ 14:10 Sungroh Yoon [윤성로]
(Seoul Nation Univ.)
Adversarial Vertex Mixup: Toward Better Adversarially
Robust Generalization (CVPR 2020)
OD-3 14:10 ~ 14:30 Sungbin Lim [임성빈]
Task Agnostic Robust Learning on Corrupt Outputs
by Correlation-Guided Mixture Density Networks (CVPR 2020)
OD-4 14:30 ~ 14:50 Songhwai Oh [오성회]
(Seoul National Univ.)
Deep Elastic Networks with Model Selection
for Multi-Task Learning (ICCV 2019)
Poster/Demo/Booths (15:00 ~ 16:30)
OE-1 16:30 ~ 16:50

Minsu Cho [조민수]


Hyperpixel Flow: Semantic Correspondence with
Multi-layer Neural Features (ICCV 2019)
OE-2 16:50 ~ 17:10

Jongwoo Lim [임종우]

(Hanyang Univ.)

OmniMVS: End-to-End Learning for
Omnidirectional Stereo Matching (ICCV 2019)
OE-3 17:10 ~ 17:30 Seungryong Kim [김승룡]
(Korea Univ.)
Cylindrical Convolutional Networks for
Joint Object Category and Viewpoint Estimation (CVPR 2020)
OE-4 17:30 ~ 17:50 Dongbo Min [민동보]
(Ewha Univ.)
Joint Learning of Semantic Alignment and
Object Landmark Detection (ICCV 2019)



- Tuesday Posters 

Author (Presenter*) Title
P-19 Simyung Chang, SeongUK Park*, John Yang,
Nojun Kwak (Seoul National Univ.)
Sym-Parameterized Dynamic Inference for Mixed-Domain Image Translation (ICCV 2019)
P-20 Gyumin Shim, Jinsun Park*, In So Kweon (KAIST) Robust Reference-based Super-Resolution with Similarity-Aware Deformable Convolution
(CVPR 2020)
P-21 Soo Ye Kim, Jihyong Oh*, Munchurl Kim (KAIST) FISR: Deep Joint Frame Interpolation and Super-Resolution
with A Multi-scale Temporal Loss (AAAI 2020)
P-22 Juan Luis Gonzalez Bello*, Munchurl Kim (KAIST) Deep 3D Pan via Local Adaptive "t-shaped" Convolutions
with Global and Local Adaptive Dilations (ICLR 2020)
P-23 Yunji Kim, Seonghyeon Nam, In Cho* (Yonsei Univ.),
Seon Joo Kim (Yonsei Univ., Facebook)
Unsupervised Keypoint Learning for Guiding Class-Conditional Video Prediction
(NeurIPS 2019)
P-24 Seunghyeon Kim*, Jaehoon Choi, TaeKyung Kim,
Changick Kim (KAIST)
Self-Training and Adversarial Background Regularization
for Unsupervised Domain Adaptive One-Stage Object Detection (ICCV 2019)
P-25 Seokeon Choi*, Sumin Lee, Youngeun Kim,
Taekyung Kim, Changick Kim (KAIST)
Hi-CMD: Hierarchical Cross-Modality Disentanglement
for Visible-Infrared Person Re-Identification (CVPR 2020)
P-26 Sangryul Jeon*, Kwanghoon Sohn (Yonsei Univ.),
Dongbo Min (Ewha Univ.), Seungryong Kim (EPFL)
Joint Learning of Semantic Alignment and Object Landmark Detection (ICCV 2019)
P-27 Wonil Song*, Sungil Choi, Somi Jeong,
Kwanghoon Sohn (Yonsei Univ.)
Stereoscopic Image Super-Resolution with Stereo Consistent Feature (AAAI 2020)
P-28 Thang Vu*, Hyunjun Jang, Trung X. Pham,
Chang D. Yoo (KAIST)
Cascade RPN: Delving into High-Quality Region Proposal Network
with Adaptive Convolution (NeurIPS 2019)
P-29 Jinwoo Kim*, Woojae Kim, Seongmin Lee,
Sanghoon Lee (Yonsei Univ.), Heeseok Oh (ETRI)
A Deep Cybersickness Predictor based on Brain Signal Analysis for Virtual Reality Content
(ICCV 2019)
P-30 Gun-Hee Lee* , Seong-Whan Lee (Korea Univ.) Uncertainty-Aware Mesh Decoder for High Fidelity 3D Face Reconstruction (CVPR 2020)
P-31 Jongbin Ryu*, GiTaek Kwon*, Jongwoo Lim (Hanyang Univ.),
Ming-Hsuan Yang (UC Merced)
Generalized Convolutional Forest Networks for Domain Generalization and
Visual Recognition (ICLR 2020)
P-32 Jae Woong Soh*, Sunwoo Cho, Nam Ik Cho (Seoul National Univ.) Meta-Transfer Learning for Zero-Shot Super-Resolution (CVPR 2020)
P-33 Paul Hongsuck Seo (POSTECH),
Geeho Kim*, Bohyung Han (Seoul National Univ.)
Combinatorial Inference against Label Noise (NeurIPS 2019)
P-34 Hyunjong Park*, Jongyoun Noh*, Bumsub Ham (Yonsei Univ.) Learning Memory-Guided Normality for Anomaly Detection (CVPR 2020)
P-35 Hyunjong Park*, Bumsub Ham (Yonsei Univ.) Relation Network for Person Re-identification (AAAI 2020)
P-36 Kyungsun Lim, Nyeong-Ho Shin*, Young-Yoon Lee,
Chang-Su Kim (Korea Univ.)
Order Learning and Its Application to Age Estimation (ICLR 2020)



- Tuesday Demos

Presenter Title



FashionlQ chatbot

임석재, 김원준


Deep Spectral-Spatial network for single image deblurrin

송민수, 김원준


Depth Estimation From a Single Image Using Guided Deep Network 




Day 3 (August 19, Wednesday) 


- Time Presenter Title
Invited Talk 2 10:00 ~ 10:30 Kuk-Jin Yoon [윤국진]
자율주행 자동차를 위한 컴퓨터 비전
OF-1 10:50 ~ 11:10 Tae-Hyun Oh [오태현]
Listen to Look: Action Recognition by Previewing Audio
(CVPR 2020)
OF-2 11:10 ~ 11:30 Jaegul Choo [주재걸]
Exploring Unlabeled Faces for Novel
Attribute Discovery (CVPR 2020)
Platinum Session (Naver Labs) (11:30 ~ 12:00)
Platinum Session (SI Analytics) (12:00 ~ 12:30)
Lunch Break (12:30 ~ 13:30)
OG-1 13:30 ~ 13:50 Se Young Chun [전세영]
Extending Stein’s Unbiased Risk Estimator to Train Deep
Denoisers with Correlated Pairs of Noisy Images (NeurIPS 2019)
OG-2 13:50 ~ 14:10 Jinwoo Shin [신진우]
Regularizing Class-wise Predictions via
Self-Knowledge Distillation (CVPR 2020)
OG-3 14:10 ~ 14:30 Suha Kwak [곽수하]
Proxy Anchor Loss for Deep Metric Learning (CVPR 2020)
OG-4 14:30 ~ 14:50 Junseok Kwon [권준석]
(Chung-Ang Univ.)
3D Point Cloud Generative Adversarial Network based on
Tree Structured Graph Convolutions (ICCV 2019)
Poster/Demo/Booths (15:00 ~ 16:30)
OH-1 16:30 ~ 16:50 Hyunjung Shim [심현정]
(Yonsei Univ.)
Evaluating Weakly-Supervised Object Localization Methods Right
(CVPR 2020)
OH-2 16:50 ~ 17:10 Taesup Moon [문태섭]
(Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
Fully Convolutional Pixel Adaptive Image Denoiser (ICCV 2019)
OH-3 17:10 ~ 17:30 Ju Yong Chang [장주용]
(Kwangwoon Univ.)
Camera Distance-Aware Top-Down Approach for 3D Multi-Person
Pose Estimation from A Single RGB Image (ICCV 2019)
OH-4 17:30 ~ 17:50 Bumsub Ham [함범섭]
(Yonsei Univ.)
Learning Disentangled Representation for Robust
Person Re-identification (NeurIPS 2019)



- Wednesday Posters 

Author (Presenter*) Title
P-37 Yunjae Jung*, Dahun Kim, In So Kweon (KAIST),
Kyungsu Kim, Sungjin Kim (Samsung Electronics)
Hide-and-Tell: Learning to Bridge Photo Streams for Visual Storytelling (AAAI 2020)
P-38 Chaoning Zhang, Philipp Benz*, Tooba Imtiaz,
In So Kweon (KAIST)
CD-UAP: Class Discriminative Universal Adversarial Perturbation (AAAI 2020)
P-39 Soo Ye Kim, Jihyong Oh*, Munchurl Kim (KAIST) JSI-GAN: GAN-Based Joint Super-Resolution and Inverse Tone-Mapping
with Pixel-Wise Task-Specific Filters for UHD HDR Video (AAAI 2020)
P-40 Hong Joo Lee*, Jung Uk Kim, Sangmin Lee,
Hak Gu Kim, Yong Man Ro (KAIST)
Structure Boundary Preserving Segmentation for Medical Image
with Ambiguous Boundary (CVPR 2020)
P-41 Hongjoon Ahn*, Sungmin Cha*, Donggyu Lee,
Taesup Moon (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
Uncertainty-based Continual Learning with Adaptive Regularization (NeurIPS 2019)
P-42 Juyeon Heo*, Sunghwan Joo,
Taesup Moon(Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
Fooling Neural Network Interpretations via Adversarial Model Manipulation (NeurIPS 2019)
P-43 Myeongjin Kim*, Hyeran Byun (Yonsei Univ.) Learning Texture Invariant Representation for Domain Adaptation of
Semantic Segmentation (CVPR 2020)
P-44 Pilhyeon Lee*, Hyeran Byun (Yonsei Univ.),
Youngjung Uh (Naver Corp.)
Background Suppression Network for Weakly-supervised Temporal Action Localization
(AAAI 2020)
P-45 Jiyoung Lee*, Sunok Kim, Jungin Park,
Kwanghoon Sohn (Yonsei Univ.), Seungryong Kim (EPFL)
Context-Aware Emotion Recognition Networks (ICCV 2019)
P-46 Junyeong Kim*, Minuk Ma, Trung Pham,
Chang D. Yoo (KAIST), Kyungsu Kim (Samsung Research)
Modality Shifting Attention Network for Multi-Modal Video Question Answering
(CVPR 2020)
P-47 Myungsub Choi*, Janghoon Choi, Sungyong Baik,
Kyoung Mu Lee (Seoul National Univ.),
Tae Hyun Kim (Hanyang Univ)
Scene-Adaptive Video Frame Interpolation via Meta-Learning (CVPR 2020)
P-48 Woo-Jeoung Nam*, Seong-Whan Lee (Korea Univ.),
Shir Gur, Lior Wolf (Tel Aviv Univ.), Jaesik Choi (KAIST)
Relative Attributing Propagation: Interpreting the Comparative Contributions
of Individual Units in Deep Neural Networks (AAAI 2020)
P-49 Young Kyun Jang*, Nam Ik Cho (Seoul National Univ.) Generalized Product Quantization Network for Semi-supervised Image Retrieval
(CVPR 2020)
P-50 Tushar Sandhan*, Jin Young Choi (Seoul National Univ.) Separating Particulate Matter From A Single Microscopic Image (CVPR 2020)
P-51 Ilchae Jung*, Kihyun You, Hyeonwoo Noh,
Minsu Cho (POSTECH), Bohyung Han (Seoul National Univ.)
Real-Time Object Tracking via Meta-Learning: Efficient Model Adaptation and
One-Shot Channel Pruning (AAAI 2020)
P-52 Minsoo Kang*, Jonghwan Mun,
Bohyung Han (Seoul National Univ.)
Towards Oracle Knowledge Distillation with Neural Architecture Search (AAAI 2020)
P-53 Sang Jun Lee, Sung Soo Hwang* (Handong Univ.) Elaborate Monocular Point and Line SLAM with Robust Initialization (ICCV 2019)



- Wednesday Demos

Presenter Title


NAVER LABS M/L Challenge 1


NAVER LABS M/L Challenge 2


NAVER LABS M/L Challenge 3 


NAVER LABS M/L Challenge 4


NAVER LABS M/L Challenge 5


NAVER LABS M/L Challenge 6